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Vintage Comic Cat Postcards 4670 Through 4699

4670 Errant school boy facing angry teacher.

Published by Kunzli, Zurich. The earliest postmark on a used vintage card in my possession is 1952. Of the seven cards in my possession there are two variations in the Mainzer address and two in the Kunzli information. None of the USA Mainzer …


4671 Kittens on the playground high bars

All of the three cards I have are marked Kunzli, Printed in Switzerland. One also says Alfred Mainzer, New York with no zip code. One card is postmarked 1952.

4672 Hiking in the Alps

Notice the three mice lined up to watch the passing parade and the frisky calf.

Printed in Switzerland. Published by Max Kunzli and Alfred Mainzer. One card has a 1952 postmark.

4673 A kitten Chorus in the classroom

Max Kunzli, Zurich & Alfred Mainzer New York. One card is postmarked 1959 (I think, the second 9 is very hard to read.)

4674 Cats on the soccer field

Published by Max Kunzli, printed in Switzerland and no mention anywhere of Mainzer. One card has a 1953 postmark.

4675 Home Economics classroom with girl kittens

The teacher is cutting fabric while two kittens look on. The rest are watching the two dancing mice in the classroom window.

Printed in Switzerland, Kunzli & Mainzer, with a 1952 postmark.

4676 Kitchen insanity

As the pot on the stove boils over a cat leaps across the table in pursuit of a mouse, spilling eggs onto the floor. Meanwhile, some bad boys are sampling the food cooling in the window.

Postmarked 1953, Kunzli & Mainzer and printed in Switzerland.

4678 Ladies tea invaded by mouse family.

Food is spilled, the lady cats are up on chairs holding their skirts up, the maid has dropped the cake. All because a mouse family is running across the floor. If you look carefully you can see the bird watching the antics …


4679 A pig in the path causes bikes to crash

The pig being driven to market gets in the path of a family on a tandem bike as well as two bicycle racers causing chaos.

Printed in Switzerland. On card says “Copyright by Max Kunzli Zurich, 6/35.” The other says “...


4680 A Day at the circus / midway

Some cats ride the merry go round, another swings the mallet in the test of strength, while others try to knock the stuffed toys off their perches. Meanwhile the bored carni looks on.

1952 postmark, Kunzli and Mainzer, printed in Switzerland.

4695 Diving & sliding into the lake

Kittens have fun in the water. Diving off the high board or sliding down the long slide. Not especially realistic given how much cats like water. The backdrop of mountains across the lake is pretty. In the real world, I think that water …


4696 Leap Frog in the school yard

The boys play leapfrog at recess while the girl kittens look on. Nice woods and mountains in the background. It would not be politically correct these days.

Postmarked 1952 Kunzli & Mainzer. Printed in Switzerland.

4697 A disciplined classroom

I think I miss the point of this image. Unlike most of these cards the kittens in the class are paying attention and on their best behavior. However, six adult cats supervising nine kittens seems like a little much. The cat at the back of …


4699 Kittens play blind mans bluff with the teacher at recess

Notice the well tended flower beds in the background. That European feel is present in most of these cards.

Typing on the back of one unsent card indicates these were used in the early 1950’s. Printed in Switzerland.