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Postcards 4700 - 4725

4700 Chimney sweep chases school kittens through town.

The school kittens are keeping ahead of the very black chimney sweep although the cats along the walk don’t seem worried. Notice the two small kittens under the bench playing with the yarn.

Kunzli & Mainzer, Printed in Switzerland.

4701 Newlyweds in carriage pulled by two white poodles

The driver is a collie and notice the kitten throwing candy to the kittens in the street.

Kunzli & Mainzer & printed in Switzerland. It has a 1952 postmark and two one cent stamps.

4702 Rolling out cookies in the kitchen

Two momma cats are trying to roll out dough and get it ready for baking, but the kittens are being a problem. Notice how she is using a glass as a cookie cutter and making moon shaped cookies. The older sister is …


4703 Kittens coast downhill on skates, scooter, & cart

In the mountainous region of Europe where the artist of the vintage cards lived, I am sure many of the streets had enough slope to make rolling downhill a great game for the kittens.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Printed in Switzerland.

4704 Students smoking behind the school

It’s obviously a long standing tradition of school boys to learn to smoke outside behind the school. Now days it would be both boys and girls of course. The white kitten on the right looks like he isn’t feeling so good.

From the …


4704 Dogs run into traffic & cause chaos

Leashed dogs escape and run in front of bikes and scooter.

Printed in Turkey so this is a new copy of an old design. The Mainzer address has a zipcode.

4705 Calisthenics in the school yard

The girl kittens are exercising while the boys hang out the windows and watch. Nice mountains in the background. Notice one kitten is out of sequence with the teacher and the others.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Published in Switzerland.

4714 Mice & dog on the escalator

The boy spills his box of mice and the dog lunges after them. The well dressed dog owner is loosing both control of the dog and her balance.

Printed in Spain with the typical bright colors. The Mainzer address has a zip code.

4722 Snowball fight. Boys against the girls.

Nice bright colors and Printed in Spain. Mainzer with a zip code address.

4723 Leaving church after the christening

Postmarked Oct. 31, 1952 at Waltham, Mass.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Printed in Switzerland.

4724 Cat family in the photography studio

The little girl has her doll, the baby has a pacifier, and the two mice are looking their best too. Surprisingly, none of the kittens are acting up and the dog is sitting patiently.

Postmarked in 1953 with Canadian & US postage. Mainzer & Kunzli. ...


4725 Classroom puppet show

The teacher smiles at the antics of the puppets while the students cheer them on. Notice the two mice enjoying the show from the front row.

Mainzer & Kunzli with a 1952 postmark. Printed in Switzerland.