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Postcards 4700 - 4725

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4702 Rolling out cookies in the kitchen

Two momma cats are trying to roll out dough and get it ready for baking, but the kittens are being a problem. Notice how she is using a glass as a cookie cutter and making moon shaped cookies. The older sister is getting ready to smack the brother stealing dough with her spatula. Unfortunately, she is spilling her own dough as she does so. Yet another kitten is getting into the bowl in the pantry (Sourdough starter?).

Over by the window some birds are helping themselves. The birds in the window don’t seem so far-fetched as it first did. On a trip to Germany we found that bugs are much less common than in the USA and window screens are very much optional.

Alfred Mainzer Printed in Spain Cards printed in Spain were done much later than the early Kunzli cards from Switzerland or the many from Belgium. The dyes used in printing had obviously improved and the Spanish cards look much brighter than the Swiss ones. I assume this same image was probably printed by Kunzli in Switzerland, too, but I don’t own an example of that.