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Comic Cat postcards 4726 - 4740

4726 Kittens play tug of war in the school yard

One card is copyright Max Kunzli 6/5 and the other is just Zurich 6

Six boy kittens pull on the rope while three others, the teacher, and two birds look on.

Postmark 19552.

4727 Cats in dentists waiting room

Dentistry is one of the professions that has changed a lot since the 1950’s. Kids growing up now would look at this card and make no sense of it at all. They have all been brought up with preventive dentistry and the idea …


4728 Cats outside on a windy, rainy day

The father with the briefcase has lost his hat to the wind. The mother’s umbrella is blown out, and the two kittens are having fun playing in the puddles.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Postmarked 1952. Printed in Switzerland.

4729 Mighty Hunter asleep in the woods

The hunder is going to get an ugly surprise if he didn’t set the safety on his gun and the rabbit reaches the trigger. Of course, if the squirrel is plugging the barrel at the same time it’s hard to say who …


4730 Fisherman catches a boot

While the fisherman concentrates on hoisting a boot he snagged out of the water the cat behind him is eating the fish he already caught. At the same time the birds are eating his bait worms.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Printed in Switzerland.

One of these …


4731 Mother, Grandmother, and kittens with new baby

So, which is the mother cat and which is the grandmother? I think the grandmother is feeding the kitten while the mother watches. The boys, of course, are getting into things in the other room.

There are several cards that show …


4732 Outdoor Cat Laundry

Monday was washday and it looks like a lot of work. Scrubbing clothes in a tub, rinsing it in a barrel, and hanging it out to dry had to be hard work. Especially if it was cold and windy. The little girl is being helpful …


4733 Scorched laundry while moms gossip

The little girl tugs at her mother’s apron to warn her the clothes are buring while she gossips out the window. for once the boys are playing nicely and little sister is tucking in the baby. Notice the mountain view out the window.



4734 Spring mattress cleaning with carpet beaters outside

Outdoors in a lovely alpine setting with mountain in the background these ladies beat the winters dust from their mattresses. They need to keep a better eye on the kids though. Want to bet one of the boys gets smacked with …


4735 European bowling

I think the cat in the pink shirt is the fattest cat I have seen on any of these cards. The two guys at the table are feeding the birds and the mouse family is enjoying the show.

Kunzli & Mainzer. Printed in Switzerland. I have a …


4737 Cat family honoring grandparents

It looks to me like Grandma and Grandpa are celebrating an anniversary and the families are honoring them. All the little ones have flowers and even the mice have a tiny bouquet.

Kunzli & Mainzer. One card has a 1952 postmark.

4738 Costume festival

Living in the USA this card makes me think of Halloween, but it has to be some European festival whose name I don’t know. It’s funny to see the old west Indian, but I know stories and characters from the American west were popular in Europe.



4739 Bocce, Bocci or Boccie Players

The game came from Italy and followed migrants into other parts of Europe. The team with their ball closest to the “Jack” is the only one that can score points. I have to suspect the betting gets very serious.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Printed in …


4740 Meeting the train

The cat family is all dressed in their very finest clothes so they must be meeting someone who is coming on the train. If you have ever taken a ride on an old steam train like this you know how long those good clothes are …