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Vintage Postcards from Kunzli 4741-4755

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4751 Jet powered car shares road with breakdown and scooters

This card has a really odd mixture of subjects. The jet powered car with the futuristic look is interesting and seems ahead of it’s time. Jet engines first came into use very late in World War Two. One of these cards is postmarked 1952 so the artist was very much ahead of his time.

The contrast with the other vehicle is extreme and looks more like a third world country that an advanced European one.

The old truck is obviously on it’s way to market with several very unhappy geese hissing at the caged rat above them. The elegant lady doing her makeup alongside the broken down car is obviously out of touch with reality; Given the parts laying on the road the car isn’t going anywhere soon.

The mom and dad riding the scooter and towing the three kids would get arrested for child abuse these days. It makes an interesting card, but putting on the brakes would be a disaster.

Mainzer & Kunzli. Printed in Switzerland. Postmarked Nov. 4, 1952