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Vintage Postcards from Kunzli 4741-4755

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4742 Kittens fishing while policeman watches

I simply don’t know enough about European culture to interpret this vintage card. On the far left one of the kittens is quickly leaving the scene. Is that because fishing there is illegal, because he doesn’t have a license or for some other reason? Considering how fearsome the artist can make his adult cats look (For example, the teacher in card used for the header image at the top of this page.) the policeman doesn’t look upset. In the USA the fish line set up one of the kittens is using would be illegal most places; you are generally only allowed to have one hook on your line. Nice detail with the worms escaping the can to the left of one of the fisher kittens.

This card was used as advertising by Cooper Hardware Co. who had this printed on the back side.

Good Luck Lake, Oxford, N. Y.
Famous Indoor Fishing Resort
Route 12 Above Binghamton, N. Y.
Famous Old Inn – Sporty Golf Course
Open Weekdays and Saturday Nights
Entrance to Lake
Cooper Hardware Co.

The language seems to have shifted a little; I don’t think golf courses are described as “Sporty” anymore!

Mainzer & Kunzli. Printed in Switzerland. Once card postmarked Nov. 1952.