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Vintage Postcards from Kunzli 4741-4755

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4748 Rotisserie chicken in the cow pasture

Growing up I remember my mother commenting once that some of our cousins never went on picnics because the father though the only proper food for a picnic was roast chicken and it was just to much work. (They had seven kids).

I also remember an early boy scout experience where we took chicken on a camp out and I found out just how bad burned, undercooked, chicken really is!

Finally, I remember having cows run through our camp one night.

So this card strokes a lot of memories. Notice the calf looking around from behind her mother? The two wine bottles chilling in the water tank add that European feel.

Kunzli & Mainzer. Printed in Switzerland. Never mailed, but the typing on the back on one card indicates 1952 or 1953.