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Vintage Kunzli Postcards 4756 - 4772

4756 Buying produce at the open air market

The shoppers are buying produce under the watchful eye of the collie policeman. A customer and a vendor are having a serious disagreement over something and are making threats with carrots and onions. While everyone is distracted the kitten is making …


4757 Music class with flutes

For a change, everyone in this picture is well behaved. Even the three mice in the corner are listening attentively.

Kunzli & Mainzer. Printed in Switzerland. Postmarked April 15, 1954.

4758 Art Class

Students “enjoy” art class while the teacher is distracted by a student and their parent. The student drawing a mouse on the back of the student ditting in front of him is cute. So are the two mice sitting by the front table and watching the …


4759 Tempers flare in the artists studio

It’s usually easy to tell cause and effect in these comic postcards, but not with this one. I don’t see any specific reason why the two painters decided to go after each other. Make sure you see the two white mice looking …


4760 Moving Day – Mattress & Piano

Notice the dogs are doing all the work? The Collie is hauling the mattress onto the truck and the bulldog has one end of the piano. The idea of lifting one end of a piano with a strap around my neck is distinctly …


4761 Go cart derby through town

Races coasting downhill in home made carts used to be a big deal. There were local, state, regional, and national events with major prizes for winners. I think things gradually got to expensive and competitive for most people and the projects faded away.



4762 Cat & Dog family at dinner

Usually the dogs are doing the work for the cats. This card is unusual because it is a mixed cat and dog family. If you have been looking through these cards in order the subject of the painting one the wall and the …


4764 Mouse family – Kids bowling with potato

This is the first of a series featuring mice as the central figures instead of cats. In this one the whole family seems to be home in the evening. Having the two boys bowling with potatoes for bowling balls and carrots …


Mouse family garden party

Live music, catered drinks and a good time for all. I guess the snail takes the place of the usual mouse observers seen in so many of these vintage cards.

Kunzli & Mainzer with the old Zurich 6/35 mark. Printed in Switzerland.

4766 High mountain picnic under cable cars

Cat family heats cacao over sterno on a mountainside high in the Alps. With the rucksacks on the ground it looks like this family hiked up to enjoy and photograph the view.

Kunzli & Mainzer with the old Zurich 6/35 copyright. Printed in Switzerland.

4767 Mouse family gets ready for bed

Actually, the tooth brushing and clothes make me think bedtime, But dad shaving doesn’t fit that. Since the clock says 6 maybe it’s getting up in the morning. I thought the pacifier in the little mouses mouth was a cute touch.

Mainzer & Kunzli. ...


4771 Wrestling match in the high mountain Alps

Two cats wrestle in front of a huge snowcapped mountain range. Since a cat on the right is holding a scorecard I assume this is a friendly match, not a fight. Besides the scorecard the spectators look interested but not horrified.



4772 Comic cats ice hockey match

One team is close to scoring a goal. Notice how light the equipment is compared to what hockey players wear now.

This card was posted from Hants, England. Possibly in 1958 although it is hard to tell since someone damaged the back by removing …