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Vintage Postcards - Comic Dressed Cats

Are you a cat lover?  Are cats an important part of your life?  This site showcases the funny cats drawn by European artist Eugen Hurtung.  The images were popular and used on postcards which are still sold today.  They are usually called Mainzer cats after the name of the publisher.  The really early cards from the 1950's were published by Kunzli in Switzerland. 

More recently, the cards have been published in Spain, Turkey and Thailand.  The Thailand cards are still available new.

If you are looking for a cat lover gift this would be perfect.  The cats are funny and the stereotypes are hilarious.  Boy cats are always getting into things and causing trouble.  Girl cats are always well behaved.  Mice are frequently someplace in the picture.  The window boxes of the houses all have carefully tended pots of flowers.  It is very European. 

I think these cat postcards would also make a nice child's gift.  Framed and protected, children who like cats would find these very funny. 

The Alfred Mainzer Company has published these cards for 50-60 years.  You can track the changes by looking at the addresses and other information on the back of the cards.  Cards where the Mainzer company didn't have a zip code are clearly older than those that do.  The majority of Mainzer Cat cards seem to have been saved and never mailed.  However, one of these days I will find the time to look through my cards with postmarks and see if the dates can't be pinned down more accurately.