ChatGPT has this to say about these cards

Alfred Mainzer Inc. is a company based in Long Island City, New York, that is known for their high-quality greeting cards, postcards, and other printed goods. They became particularly well-known for a series of detailed and lively anthropomorphic animal postcards, primarily featuring cats and dogs, in a variety of humorous or dramatic scenes.Eugen Hartung (also known as Eugene Hartung) was a Swiss artist who was especially talented at creating these anthropomorphic animal scenes. His intricate artwork often depicted cats and kittens in a variety of human-like situations, such as cooking, sewing, and playing music. These charming and whimsical designs were very popular and became a staple of the Mainzer postcard line.

We have several hundred of these cards, mostly printed in Thailand.

We will eventually build an eCommerce WordPress website to sell them.

Mainzer Cats is part of a Driven By Curiosity research project evaluating the power of Ai to facilitate the product description process.

Even old cards from the 1960's are only worth a few dollars each which does not justify the time to write individual product descriptions for each one. My hope is that Ai will make it possible.

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